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Photo Copyright  Charly Lopez

The ODYSSEY 21 electric SUV, with its five stunning, formidable environments is ushering in a new form of off-road racing. 

X Prix Qualifying consists of two rounds of time trials. Time trials feature two laps.  A lottery draw determines a teams starting order. 

Races occur on a Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday consists of two time trials, qualifying round 1 and qualifying round 2.

On Sunday, drivers compete in the "Crazy Race", otherwise known as a Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ), two semi-finals and the Final.

Two unique features of ExtremeE: A requirement of having a female and a male driver with equal seat time during the race. Each race/time trials is two laps with one lap being driven by the female driver and one by the male driver.  The second unique feature is the involvement of fans when it comes to the Final.  Starting position for Final will be decided by fans through the GridPlay voting system, although the fifth team making the Final from the "Crazy Race" is not eligible for GridPlay. 

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