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What is Nitrocross ?

"Fusing intuitive short-form competition with the adrenaline rush of action sports, Nitrocross has revolutionized racing. Featuring innovative purpose-built courses packed with huge jumps and banked turns, Nitrocross creates intense pulse-pounding action. Each event is part of a full standalone series headlined by Group E and the groundbreaking FC1-X, the most explosive electric race car ever built. At every round, the world’s best drivers are put to the test in a variety of environments as they battle for the prized Ken Block Championship Trophy. Each stop also showcases additional motorsport disciplines along with fun live entertainment to offer fans a full festival experience." --

However, we here at Rallycross360 think that NX racing has ushered in a new style of rallycross that offers another level of excitement from the already super exciting racing that traditional rallycross brings.   The NX racing style of rallycross, with the introduction of the electric FC1-X in 2022, will draw new fans and intrigue seasoned fans.


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