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What is Nitro Rallycross ?

The Nitro Rallycross website describes it as, "We got our first glimpse of Nitro Rallycross in 2018 and were immediately hooked.  Nitro Rallycross has changed the expectations of Rallycross by upping the game via open 100ft gap ramps, severe banked turns, and multiple routes in a single lap that drivers can choose.  The 2018 event proved that Americans, and many around the world, were hungry for extreme rallycross and extreme racing. Nitro RX has filled that 'gap.'"    --

However, we here at Rallycross360 think that NRX has ushered in a new style of rallycross that offers another level of excitement from the already super exciting racing that traditional rallycross brings.   The NRX style of rallycross, with the introduction of the electric FC1-X in 2022, will draw new fans and intrigue seasoned fans.


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