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BE LOUD, BE WILD, BE REAL! – Global Rallycross Europe launched!

(Press Release) MJP Promotions launched GRC Europe, an all-European Rallycross Championship with lots of action, high calibre competition, but at affordable costs for teams and drivers, in Austria's capital Vienna Thursday.

"It is a very exciting moment for me and my team. Standing here with the series set up and the new car in front of us, is as breathtaking as standing on the grid, when the lights go green", Max J. Pucher, CEO of MJP Promotions and founder of GRC Europe said. Pucher is World Rallycross Championship starter and three-time Austrian champion himself.

The spectacle of head-to-head racing on short, mixed surface tracks with 500+ HP cars accelerating faster than Formula One challengers has enthralled fans all over the globe so much, making Rallycross the world's fastest growing motorsport.

"Rallycross is explosive, it's pure emotion. While driving, you are so focussed, you nearly forget to breathe", two-time LeMans winner Alex Wurz said. His father Franz won two European Rallycross titles and introduced the then young sport to Austria in the early 1970s. "I have grown up with Rallycross. Hence, I love the sport and fully support this project", the former F1 ace added.

For the debut season, MJP Promotions has also developed a brand-new Rallycross car, the Pantera RX6, which is faster than a Supercar and that at much lower cost. 15 Pantera RX6 cars will run in GRC Europe's GRC Titan championship category, while teams can enter top drivers in the second category, the GRC Supercars.

GRC Europe will host races in classic Rallycross countries like England, Italy, Hungary, France, Germany, Austria or Slovakia. The inaugural season will run from May to October 2019. All events will be televised live on Eurosport and streamed live on Eurosport Player.

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