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(NRX Press Release)Nitro Rallycross today unveiled the first video clips of the all-electric FC1-X on track, days ahead of its live debut at the Race of Champions. Click here to watch. The all-new FC1-X is the most powerful rallycross car ever built, producing the electric equivalent of 1,070 peak horsepower. It will be driven this weekend in demos at the ROC Snow + Ice.

Created by First Corner, LLC, in collaboration with QEV Technologies and Nitro RX, the FC1-X’s groundbreaking design delivers the ultimate performance across the full range of rallycross conditions. It has been built without compromise to meet the vision of Nitro RX founder Travis Pastrana and deliver the best cars, on the best tracks, with the best racers anywhere in the world.

Pastrana says, “Our goal for the FC1-X was to create the best rallycross car possible. One that can put down more power than anything seen in competition and durable enough to thrive in the Nitro Rallycross. With more torque, acceleration and top speed than any gas-powered Supercar. The combined speed and strength of the FXC1-X definitely pushes the envelope on performance. This will allow more aggressive racing on more challenging tracks. Exciting the drivers and thrilling the fans. 2022 is going to be awesome.”

Boundary-Breaking Performance: Powered by four Magelec Propulsion axial flux motors, the FC1-X generates the equivalent of 1,070 horsepower (800 kW) and is capable of accelerating from 0-60 in just 1.4 seconds. This is faster off the line than an F1 car, producing nearly 2g of acceleration from a standing start. That power will also propel the FC1-X across 200-ft gap jumps, through high banked dirt turns and over multiple surfaces.

The vehicle’s regenerative braking system then returns that power to the battery. An innovative driveshaft system offers conventional handbrake operation – a world first in electric motorsport and critical for rallycross action.

Carbon composite bodywork over a space-frame structure enhances driver safety and reduces overall weight. The FC1-X also features adjustable aerodynamics to tune flight balance on Nitro RX’s enormous jumps and nearly 12 inches (300 mm) of suspension travel to soak up big landings.

Adding to its endurance, the FC1-X boasts a battery range that will see it through multiple heat races before needing to recharge.

The vehicle’s styling echoes the lines of the current and future generation of production electric vehicles available to consumers in the highly popular crossover and small SUV segments.

Upcoming Nitro RX “Group E” Launch:

The FC1-X will flex its muscles in Nitro RX’s new top “Group E” division, coming this year. The upcoming season will build on 2021’s successful run with an expanded calendar now featuring international stops for the first time. More schedule details and event information will be announced very soon.

Just as the “banned from rally” Group B cars (infamously known as the Killer B’s) set the rallycross world ablaze in the 1980s, Nitro RX’s new Group E class is poised to make another quantum leap, demonstrating to the world the massive performance potential of electric vehicles unleashed by the fastest rallycross cars ever seen.

Nitro Rallycross is set to come back even stronger in 2022. For the latest updates information on how and when to experience Nitro RX’s high-flying action, go to


Launched in 2018 by motorsports icon Travis Pastrana and the innovators of Nitro Circus, Nitro Rallycross has revolutionized motorsport. With innovative purpose-built courses, banked turns inspired by the wide-open action of Supercross and short-form, head-to-head competition, Nitro RX creates high-impact, thrill-packed racing. NRX’s custom-built permanent tracks – featuring the biggest jumps seen in motorsports – create unrivaled racing excitement. The full-throttle competition is now set to go global, as Nitro RX expands into a full standalone championship series. In addition to traditional Supercars, the 2022 season will see Nitro Rallycross competition featuring the most powerful rallycross car ever built, the all-new FC1-X. For more information, visit

Nitro Rallycross is part of Thrill One Sports & Entertainment. Thrill One is a next-generation content company that lives at the nexus of sports, entertainment and lifestyle, combining the resources of Nitro Circus, Street League Skateboarding, Nitro RX and Thrill One Media. A multi-media platform founded in 2020, Thrill One is dedicated to creating mind-blowing action sports events and original content, fueled by the most daring athletes, talent and brands in thrill-based entertainment. It also boasts one of the largest aggregate social audiences in action sports, with more than 40 million followers across its multiple brand pages and channels. Visit for additional information.


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