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This is Racing’s New Frontier. This is Extreme H.

Launching in 2025 Extreme E will become Extreme H, the world's first Hydrogen powered racing series.

(ExtremeE Press Release) Today we unveiled the pioneering centrepiece with the launch of our first-ever hydrogen-powered racing car. The unveiling took place on board the St Helena ship, moored by London's iconic Tower Bridge, marking a historic moment for the series set to redefine the future of motorsport.

Say Hello to the Pioneer 25

The launch of the first Extreme H car, the Pioneer 25, marks a groundbreaking new era for motorsport and leading automotive technology. The development of the Pioneer 25 has been led by Mark Grain, the championship’s Technical Director, ensuring the world’s first hydrogen racing series has an all-new car dedicated for its hydrogen-powered future.

Extreme H partners with Red Bull as Official Energy Drinks Supplier


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