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PRESS RELEASE: The season started off well in Rallycross Challenge Europe season until FIA license rule ends Sami-Matti Trogen’s season.

After celebrating his 14th birthday, Trogen began his rallycross season and joined in at the second round in Hungary. There he earned his first win in Rallycross Challenge Europe and went on to earn second place in the third round in Lithuania. The season was looking very promising as Trogen was sitting in third place overall.

However, luck began to change after the Lithuanian race.

“We received a message from the series,” said Trogen, “where they stated that FIA has prohibited me from participating in the next race due to a wrongly granted license. According to the rules I should have been 14-years old in the beginning of the year when the license had been granted. Our assumption was that I could start after my 14th birthday in May. This was the mistake but the FIA cannot accept and they will remove my license.”

Trogen has received help from his own federation in Finland but despite their efforts the decision remains final. That means it is the end of racing in the European series for the 2016 season.

“I am very sorry,” Trogen stated, “because of my sponsors and fans, but I promise to continue working for my career and this just gives me extra strength for future races”

Sami-Matti’s father, who has been at every race supporting his son, is also very disappointed.

“It is still difficult to believe,” said Mika Trogen, “that a young talent’s career is slowed down like this, but on the other hand I understand that rules are rules. It is a pity how a small thing can cause an end of the season. It’s only four months. The most annoying thing is that we have worked very hard to compete in the European series. The workload done by us and our support team has been enormous, but it did not affect [their] decision”

However, the season does not end here and a target is set to [race] other places.

Sami-Matti Trogen will continue in Estonian Rallycross series until the end of the season. He is in the lead by two points even though he had to skip one race due to scheduling issues. Next race is held in Pärnu this coming weekend.

“Development work continues with Set Promotion team. Co-operation between team and talented Sami-Matti is just in the beginning and despite small setback, work toward the top of the world continues as before. Set Promotion team will take Sami-Matti ahead with his career and project continues” – Team’s manager, Jussi Pinomäki. _____________________________________________________________________________

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