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Rallycross was first created in 1967 in Lydden Hill, England, specifically for TV audiences. It combined the excitement of Rally racing with a closed course that was easily viewed by spectators and TV cameras. It proved to be a hit and races were regularly held at the Lydden Hill, Croft Circuit, and Cadwell Park racetracks.

The first European rallycross race was held in 1969 at a track in Holland and the sport later spread across Northern Europe where it has continued to be popular. Yet Great Britain is still considered the birth place of rallycross.


The Championship, will consist of 8 point scoring events. Each event will consist of practice, a minimum of 3 qualifying heats, semi finals and final. (semi finals will only be run if there are a minimum of 10 qualifiers) Points will be awarded to classified finishers. To be classified as a finisher, and qualify for the finals, a competitor must have completed at least 1 heat. ALL heats will count toward places in the semi finals.


Championship points are allocated to 1st thru 8th positions which will be the finishing order of the Final. Drivers 9 to 16th positions will be the Semi-Finalists who did not start in the Final ranked by their finishing place in their Semi-Final, with the faster of the two drivers finishing in the same position ranked ahead of the slower. 17th position onward will be as per the Intermediate classification.

1st - 30pts 13th - 12pts

2nd - 27pts 14th - 11pts

3rd - 25pts 15th - 10pts

4th - 23pts 16th - 9pts

5th - 21pts 17th - 8pts

6th - 19pts 18th - 7pts

7th - 18pts 19th - 6pts

8th - 17pts 20th - 5pts

9th - 16pts 21th - 4pts

10th - 15pts 22th - 3pts

11th - 14pts 23th - 2pts

12th - 13pts 24th - 1pt

If a dead heat is declared, all the Drivers concerned will score full points for that place. Should any final not be run, competitors will score full championship points based on their qualifying positions.

Bonus Points Two Bonus Points will be awarded at each qualifying round to the competitor setting the fastest lap in any of the heats. In the event of two or more drivers tying on the same time they will all receive 1 Bonus Point.

A competitor will count their best 7 Championship results from all of the Championship events run. 1.6.3. In the event of a tie between two or more Competitors, the greater number of first place finishes achieved by the Competitors involved in the tie will be used to determine the overall final standing.

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