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  • Press Release (02/03/2017)


Its time to gear up for the 2017 off-road race season and as Jim Beaver gets ready to strap into his Trick Truck for the 2017 Best In The Desert Parker 425, he will also be strapping into his new freshly painted Impact helmet as a new DirtFish helmeted driver. Beaver will be joining Red Bull GRC drivers Conner Martell and James Rimmer as DirtFish helmeted drivers.

Jim Beaver and DirtFish have been partnered together since 2014 and are now shifting into the next gear with Beaver not only representing DirtFish with vehicle, suit and radio show branding, but now as an official DirtFish helmeted and hatted athlete. With the new relationship, Beaver will continue to spread the DirtFish message and carry the brand with him through his works in various forms motorsport, both behind the wheel and behind the microphone and in front of the camera.

"This is a great opportunity to showcase how many diverse drivers with different backgrounds have attended DirtFish and I'm excited to bring more awareness to how beneficial DirtFish training can be to not just rally driver's but off-road drivers and competitors in all forms of motorsport."- Stated Beaver.

Driving programs offered at DirtFish aren't just for those who want to learn about car control for rally racing. Many off-road and desert racers have seen much success after learning new techniques that they can take over into trucks, buggies and UTV's. DirtFish is excited to bridge the gap in motorsports and share the message that a good foundation of driving a rally car can transition to driving everything from road racing to off-road.

Established in 2010 in Snoqualmie, WA, right outside of Seattle, Dirtfish Rally School was founded with the idea that rally should be accessible to everyone. With numerous driving programs available from a two hour class to the three day advanced class as well as private training in both rear wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles, anyone and everyone can enjoy the experience of rally.

Jim Beaver will continue to race his Trick Truck in the 2017 Best in the Desert season, compete in the 2017 Terracross Championship in a Polaris RZR, and is also working on another high profile racing project that will bring more fresh eyes to off-road racing. Stay tuned to see how Jim Beaver and DirtFish will continue to work together and move forward.

Visit DirtFish for more information and use the code JBDIRTFISH to receive a special promotional rate while booking any classes.

Tune in each week to hear Jim and his co-host Ami Houde on The Down and Dirty Show, Powered By Polaris RZR.

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