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Dedicated Forest for Bees to Form Latest Legacy Project

Extreme E has revealed its latest legacy program to be launched in Sardinia ahead of the championship’s return to Italy next month (8-9 July).

FULL DISCLOSUE: We here at Rallycross360 do not agree with all information regarding "climate change". However, growing up in agricultural areas on the West Coast we definitely agree that bees are EXTREMELY important to agriculture, flowers, plants and trees which in turn is benificial to all of us. #BeesMatter

The series will be replanting a half hectare area with nectar-rich plants, shrubs and trees to create a forest to support bees – the first of its kind in Sardinia – ahead of the upcoming Island X Prix, co-organised and coordinated by the Automobile Club d'Italia and Regione Sardegna.

The pioneering championship will collaborate once more with the MEDSEA Foundation, whose research aims to protect and provide sustainable management of the marine and coastal resources of Sardinia and the Mediterranean Sea, to deliver this latest joint initiative in the region.

Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Extreme E, said: “This is the third year in succession we have returned to Sardinia and we are extremely looking forward to launching our latest environmental initiative on the island alongside MEDSEA.

“During the devastating wildfires in the region, there were a significant loss of bees which contribute greatly to the health of our planet – particularly in pollinating foods and plants, as well as supporting other benefits such as textiles, supplements and medicines.

“As a result of this, and from working with MEDSEA and our dedicated Scientific Committee, we are keen to recognise the important role of pollinators such as bees on the island. They have been threatened with extinction as a result of the extreme weather on the island, and so when we return for the Island X Prix next month we will create the first ‘forest for bees’. “It is an extremely exciting and impactful project and the launch of the forest, alongside our previous projects which remain ongoing in Sardinia, demonstrates our commitment to supporting local communities to deliver environmental solutions in the locations we race in.” Sardinia’s wildlife is at threat of extinction as species are highly specialised to the unique condition on the island. In many cases, species are not able to relocate if conditions change dramatically, which has occurred previously in Sardinia due to the severe wildfires. This is best evidenced by the role of pollinators and how climate change impacts them. As a consequence of the climate crisis, it is widely acknowledged that there is a pollinator crisis across the globe with a serious reduction in the number and variety of them. For pollinators on islands, up to 30 per cent are under threat of extinction. There is, therefore, a clear need to support the continued survival of pollinators by increasing the habitat and food available to them. Alessio Satta, Founder and President of MEDSEA, said: “Among all pollinators, bees play a key role in maintaining the natural balance and ensuring food security, bees pollinate one-third of global crops and are responsible for approximately 75% of the pollination of all plant species on the planet. “Without them, one-third of the food we normally find in the market would no longer be available.” The creation of a dedicated forest for this under-threat species will help to rejuvenate the role of pollinators in the area and combat the devastating effects of climate change in the region.

Professor Lucy Woodall from Extreme E’s Scientific Committee added: “Pollinators provide an important service to humankind and indeed the planet, essentially they ensure that we have fruit and vegetables to eat. However, year after year we are seeing huge decreases of insect pollinators. One thing we can do to support these important creatures is ensure they have enough food and habitat, that is what planting native, nectar-rich flora in Sardinia will support.

“This is an essential project for Sardinia and valuable experiment for us all to learn from.”

As well as the launch of the forest for bees, Extreme E will be revisiting its already established initiatives in Sardinia.

The series will return to the wildfire sites to learn about the success of the early warning sensors it introduced in the region alongside Vodafone Business last year.

The championship will also review its legacy programmes in the region which focused on blue and green carbon stores, such as the restoration of areas hit by wildfires and replenishing seagrass beds of Posidonia oceanica in the waters of the Marine Protected Areas around Sardinia.

Rounds 5 and 6 of Extreme E Season 3 take place in Sardinia on 8-9 July, returning to the familiar setting of the Italian Army Training area at Capo Teulada in Sulcis-Iglesiente.


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