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Innovative Vehicle Runs on 100% Fossil-Free Fuel

NEXT EVO Offers Development Pathway for Rising Talent

Rendering of Nitrocross NEXT EVO Vehicle

(Los Angeles, CA / Thursday, November 9, 2023) Today Nitrocross, a new revolution in motorsport created by global icon Travis Pastrana, proudly introduces the Nitrocross NEXT EVO, the latest vehicle in the series' dynamic development ladder. With a sustainable design integrating components from existing NEXT series vehicles, the Nitrocross NEXT EVO serves as an ideal platform to nurture the next generation of champions.

Developed by First Corner, the company behind the Group E FC1-X, the NEXT EVO is based on the company’s FC2 concept and distinguishes itself with an innovative approach that upcycles components from existing NEXT cars. The vehicle also significantly reduces costs for teams while delivering an upgraded and contemporary racing experience, by not only upcycling the current NEXT cars, but by also offering teams the opportunity to gain a return on their investment, via an investment reduction program, where redundant components are resold via a dedicated online portal, the first of its kind in motorsport.

This latest model combines the existing Nitrocross NEXT series' chassis, transmission, and differentials with all-new state of the art bodywork, a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, enhanced suspension and chassis reinforcements, ensuring heightened performance and reduced operational expenses, all generated from First Corner’s FC2-Kit approach.

"This marks a significant leap for the property," commented Chip Pankow, General Manager of Nitrocross. "Through the refurbishment of existing cars, we are meeting all the targets set by the Series at a fraction of the cost. These upcycled cars are set to become one of the most intriguing developments in this tier of motorsport, and I anticipate witnessing the next generation of talented drivers competing in these highly capable vehicles."

“The NEXT EVO based on the new First Corner FC2 represents an innovative and efficient way to upgrade an entire vehicle,” said Andreas Eriksson, CEO of First Corner. “Based on First Corner’s very popular Supercar Lites concept, this upgrade kit addresses all of the areas that drivers and customers want, while keeping costs relatively low. I can’t wait to see the next generation of Nitrocross drivers on the track in the NEXT EVO, it is a major step forward for the series and drivers.”

The new internal combustion engine generates 450 horsepower, which can be boosted up to 550 horsepower using Nitro Boost push-to-pass technology. Notably, it runs exclusively on 100 percent eco fuel, aligning with Nitrocross’s commitment to sustainable practices. This fossil-free fuel emits 80 percent less CO2 than conventional fuel and contains zero ethanol.

The innovative build process for the Nitrocross NEXT EVO, utilizing recycled and reused surplus components from current NEXT vehicles, will further minimize its carbon footprint.

The NEXT EVO will introduce steering and suspension upgrades as well, allowing the vehicle to tackle Nitrocross’ challenging tracks. These include a 40mm increase in suspension travel along with enhanced front dampers and new rear dampers.

With NEXT, Nitrocross offers a younger generation of drivers an opportunity to step up to the big stage. Its current roster includes rising star Lia Block, daughter of the late Ken Block, as well as reigning North American NEXT champion Casper Jansson (SWE), and more.

The NEXT EVO will accelerate their growth, as it paves a clear developmental pathway, beginning in the NEXT division where they can hone their skills and then progressing to the FC1-X and Group E, all at a significantly reduced cost.

Anticipation is already mounting for the Nitrocross NEXT EVO, with a scheduled track test on November 12, 2023. Orders for the race car are currently open and are due by December 2023, with deliveries set to commence in the summer of 2024.

For more information and inquiries, please refer to the official FC press release enclosed.


Originally launched in 2018 by global icon Travis Pastrana and the limit-pushers of Nitro Circus as Nitro Rallycross, this dynamic motorsport property – home of cars that fly and tracks that thrill - is now Nitrocross.

Fusing intuitive short-form competition with the adrenaline rush of action sports, Nitrocross has revolutionized racing. Featuring innovative purpose-built courses packed with huge jumps and banked turns, Nitrocross delivers intense action. Each event is part of a full standalone series headlined by Group E and the groundbreaking FC1-X, the most dynamic electric race car ever built. At every round, the world’s best drivers are put to the test in a variety of environments as they battle for the prized Ken Block Championship Trophy. Each stop also showcases additional motorsport disciplines along with fun live entertainment to offer fans a full festival experience.

Off the track, Nitrocross creates engaging original content, going inside the cockpit and behind the scenes to showcase the strong personalities and compelling stories on the road to the championship. For more information, visit:


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